I’m a problem solver with a keen focus on functional aesthetics.

Under Armour Shop App icon. Apple App Store Editors’ Choice.

The Under Armour App

The Best of Under Armour Built Around You

The Under Armour App was built from the ground up as a testbed to validate new direct-to-consumer and personalization strategies for the business.

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3D render of Under Armour Shop App.
The Forge App icon. Apple App Store Best of 2015.

Forge App

The Perfect Digital Workspace

Hailed as “The perfect digital workspace” by the Apple App Store. Forge empowers creatives to quickly develop, sketch, and iterate on their ideas—individually or as a team.

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Brainstorming sketches generated with the Forge iPad app.
Arduino microcontroller logo

The BarLight

Create Your Environment

Before the days of the connected home, The BarLight was an exploration into hardware and software, allowing users to alter their environment. The BarLight looks at how light can transform and inform our environment.

Man holding The BarLight illuminating the room purple.
FOX ADHD animated logo

Pushing the limits of prototyping and the expectations of a traditional design agency, the team turned around a winning Request for Proposal in under 36 hours. Resulting in the beginning of a relationship with FOX Animation Domination High-Def.

3D render of the FOX ADHD concept iPhone app.
Bit Timer App icon. Apple App Store Editors’ Choice.

Bit Timer

The Simplest Interval Timer Ever

Get your workout started fast. Bit Timer relentlessly pursued focus & simplicity married to an elegant interaction model to deliver the simplest interval timer ever.

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3D render of the Bit Timer interval app.